Leaving Quebec

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We are 87km from the Quebec – New Brunswick border. The Irving station must be their western most frontier.


More wandering

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After getting the car fixed we took the shuttle downtown.

We climbed up to the Citadel and looked down on the St. Lawrence.  The most impressive sight is still the Chateau Frontenac.

Chateau Frontenac from the Citadel

Last night the city seemed magical but in the day the full grandeur is revealed.

The major themes of the city are military:

Cannons overlooking the St Lawrence

and religious:

Pope Blessing

Pope with noble native Canadians at his feet

We listened to a multi-media diorama about the many attacks on Quebec culimating with a 10 minute battle on the Plains of Abraham.

Quebec City at Night

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Last night we took the shuttle into downtown Quebec City.  The bus dropped us off at the ferry terminal just below Chateau Frontenac.  The funicular took us to the top and we wandered.

The nurses union was protesting outside the parliment buildings.  I’ve never seen such a good natured labour dispute.  Everyone was dancing to the music.  Cars were driving by blowing their horns.  Even a passing ambulance got into the action, flashing their lights and siren to much cheering.


Day trip to Montreal

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Yesterday we took a day trip to Montreal to visit Ava.  The weather was lovely.  We walked along the river and had a great meal at Restaurant 55°.  In honour of Newfoundland we had raw seal meat as an appetizer.