Travel Troubles

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Not sure what is happening in the Gulf. Delta’s website says they are monitoring the situation. What is clear is that my flight is cancelled. I’m booked on another flight that arrives 8 hours later. Still not sure what this does to the ground transportation but most likely I’ll miss the ferry and be stranded for the night.

Just the usual travel blues.


As predicted the land transportation isn’t going to work. So I’m staying in San Jose for the night. I’ll try again tomorrow.


Newark is a mess. If I make it there today I’ll spend the night and fly to San Jose the next morning. It is cheaper to spend the night in San Jose than to arrange transport so late in the day. So the best case is I arrive at my destination on Wed. This is turning out to be a very expensive 2 day journey.

On the plus side I was able to use my advanced Blackberry skills to help a stranded Indian couple get hold of their relatives so they had a place to stay tonight. The Yellow Pages app works pretty well.


Boarded the flight for Newark.

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