Hanging with the Moose

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Today was the second day of classes at the Moose.  We did the hat game which is always fun.  The idea is to encourage the actors to be mentally present and not worrying about what to say or how to be funny.  Two actors wear floppy hats and perform a scene.  The scene ends when one actor tries to snatch the hat from the other.  Snatch someone’s hat and you win.  A failed attempt means you lose.

Many people try to win by controlling the other person.  Making them sit down or tying them up (with mime ropes) is popular.  A more subtle approach is to try to make them think  about events in the future or past so they stop paying attention to their surroundings.  Questions like, “What time did you wake up today?” or “How many eggs are in a large omelet?” can be quite effective.  As they think back to the morning or imagine they are cooking they are no longer “in the moment” and you can often take their hat without much resistance.

So as you travel through life, pay attention.  Don’t let anyone take your hat.

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