Thai Shan

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Last night we went to the new location of the Thai Shan Inn Restaurant. This is my favourite Thai restaurant in Toronto. It had been in the same location on Eglinton for 20 years. The old dining room was small with wood panel walls and a linoleum floor. The food was great and people lined up to get in.

About 10 years ago they had a sign saying, “We will be closed for renovations next week”. I asked the owner, “Are you renovating the dining room?”. She looked at me like I was crazy, “No,” she said, “the kitchen”. Clearly, she knew what was important.

The new place is around the corner on Dufferin. The decor is much more upscale. The food is still excellent and there are still disposable plastic covers on the tables. We ate until we were stuffed. At the end of the meal two things happened that reminded me of why I like this place. The bill came and the four of us had eaten our fill for $52. That’s a good price for fine dining in Toronto. Then the owner came out to visit. We were delighted to see her and she recognized us from all our visits years ago. Then the treats started coming. In the end we begged her to stop tempting us and left promising to return.

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