Last Day in Canada

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Today is our last day in Canada.  We leave tonight for Iceland.  It seems strange to be leaving with no firm plan to return.  Still, I’m sure we’ll be back at some point.

On Wed we were in Waterloo.  I dropped off the final load at the storage unit.  Then I sold the car to our neighbour.  It is funny to get rid of this car.  We bought it when we moved to Waterloo over 10 years ago.

We saw a movie with our friends Barry and Debbie and then took the bus back to Toronto.  We’ve been house sitting for some friends on the Danforth.  It has been a lovely slice of luxury before we hit the road.

Last night we watched UP.  It is a cautionary tale about not letting your life slip by; an appropriate message today.

I realized a couple days ago that while all this planning has been worthwhile, the truth is that we can’t really prepare for what comes next for the simple reason that we don’t know what will happen.  There is a tremendous freedom to getting on a plane.  Anything left undone is suddenly beyond your reach and the wisest thing to do is to put it out of your mind.