Restless feet and the long jump

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[We are in Christchurch and I’m finally catching up on the blog]

After spending 5 weeks in Morocco we decided on a change of scenery.  Even Essaouira was beginning to drop below 20 degrees centigrade.  So we started looking for a new place to go.

This summer in Calgary I met Stephen, a Canadian living in Hong Kong.  He invited Carol and I to visit him and even offered us a place to stay.  Checking the weather forecast in Hong Kong sealed the deal and we booked our flight.

This kicked off a three day travel blitz.

It took a day to travel from Essaouira to Casablanca where the major airlines land.  We arrived late and spend a long time sitting in traffic.  Our hotel was next to the train station so the next day we took a train to the airport.  The airport was not very busy and we boarded our Emirates flight to Dubai.

We were a bit concerned flying through Dubai as a Canadian couple had recently been stopped and jailed for a month while the UAE authorities tested their migraine medication to ensure it wasn’t contraband.  We cleaned out our first aid kit of anything with an ambiguous label.  Some head ache medication contains codeine which will get you a minimum four year sentence.  We considered ditching our one month supply of anti-malarial tablets but they were well packed, labelled and we had a clear prescription.

The flight was easy and the cabin well appointed.  The meals were better than the usual airline fare.  The back of seat entertainment was excellent.  You can watch dozens of movies, TV and hundreds of songs.  There is also a nose camera so you can get a pilot’s eye view of the flight.

The Dubai airport transit lounge is like a large high end shopping mall complete with restaurants, shops and a hotel.  We rented a room for 6 hours and slept like the dead.  The room was excellent but we hardly noticed.  The next morning we caught the flight to Hong Kong.  All told we spent 36 hours in transit (not including getting to Casablanca) and crossed 8 timezones.

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