Unexpected Kindness at the Beach

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We arrived in Old Orchard Beach yesterday.  This is the summer holiday destination of Carol’s childhood.  When we checked into the motel they gave us two keys for adjoining rooms.  We briefly thought that this was some local bylaw regarding people of opposite sex with different last names.  We look in both rooms and decided they simply made a mistake.  When we returned the key to the larger room I joked that I would be happy to have the larger of the two.  The fellow at the desk started to say it was more expensive when his partner came skipping out of the back office.  She wanted to know what we did for a living.  When Carol said she was a student teacher we were told there was a special on for student teachers and that we could have the larger room for the same price.  Apparently, all of the owners are retired teachers and they were quite delighted to give us a deal.  In fact they gave us a series of keys to rooms we might like.  After looking at a couple we selected a room with a kitchenette and balcony.

I’m sitting on the balcony now, enjoying the cool morning air, fresh coffee and free WiFi.  Today is a lazy day of hanging out on the beach: a welcome change from camping.

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